Saturday, May 11, 2013

NYC Photo Gallery

Our building. Pretty sure the elevator was haunted
Hudson River Park, at the end of our street


On Broadway

The Guggenheim

Cherry Blossoms in Central Park
View south from the north end of the Jackie O Reservoir 

Looking longingly at the city


Really great bookstore in the West Village
Bought this book there

Times Square is the worst. Here's a picture of it anyway

@ Willow Road. Best food in NYC. No flash on purpose!

Brunch at Boise Tea Parlor

First time with herbal tea. Wasn't such a fan

9/11 Memorial plaza

New WTC building. It stands 1,776 feet tall
South Pool

North Pool
The museum


Parsons! Make it work!

Canal & Varick

 My kate spade new york clutch wrapped and unwrapped
Elysa's new iPhone case, commemorating our successful R train switch

Fifth Avenue

From Top of the Rock

They look! It's the Chrysler Buidling!

Hello Empire State

Central Park

No Wednesday pictures, apparently


New Jersey & the Hudson River

Hungover from a spectacular last night in the city, full of mocktails & dancing & the most handsome man in all of Manhattan

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  1. It all looks incredible. You look great too :)!