Thursday, May 28, 2009

Giving In to Peer Pressure

I finally did it. For years I've resisted "blogging" because I thought it was for married or people with a lot of free time. But my life is such that I am now going to be a "blogger". I'm not married so I suppose this means I've got time... on my hands. Ok, not really, I've got too much to do to actually have free time, or so I think, but this upcoming year is going to be quite the adventure for me so here I go... blogging.
I don't actually even like the word "blogging" or "blogger" or "blogged". Don't ask me why. It's probably for the same reason I don't like the word "flatter" or any of it's cohorts. What that reason is, I don't know, but the word "flatter" is irritating to me. It's like opera or Kenny Chesney, listening to it makes me want to run a cheese grater across my forehead. Back to the topic, I've seen some really neat blogs, and I hope I can make this one fit into that category. If it starts to get boring please let me know so I can make sure I spice things up a bit.
I really considered a blog after I saw my good friend McKenzie Newton's (xoxo!) blog about her life in college. I liked the idea, but my life wasn't that exciting. Then came May and I became Vice President of Senoir Council at the University of Utah and entered the wonderful world of ASUU. I knew the next year of my life would be incredible, between Senior Council, Student Alumni Board, LDSSA, school, and work (and my now apparently non-exisitent personal life) I reconsidered a blog. Then another wonderful friend, Mallory Hill (xoxo!) told me I should start one of these things because she had one and that should be argument enough. My lovely roommate Lacey Collom (xoxo!) is keeping a blog while she's in Africa for the summer, and reading her blog really made me want one of my own.   So I gave into peer pressure and now here I am, in the bloggershpere. Hope you enjoy.