Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Month of Thanks-Giving

I've noticed that I've had a really bad attitude lately. I mean, like, extremely bad. I realized this on the bus the other day and as I sat in my seat, I was ashamed of myself. I think I get so caught up in the things I want but don't have that I forget to remember the things I do have that a lot of people don't. I decided right then and there on the 213 that I needed to, in the words of Cher from "Clueless", make over my soul. So in an effort to avert my recent flow of negativity and help me have a better attitude, I'm going to post something I'm thankful for every day this month. November is, after all, the month we give thanks in America, and the goal here is to adjust my way of thinking so I can remember how great my life is all year long, even when it's really not ideal (like now. No kidneys is so not ideal. But I'm working with it.) So if you like to read this silly blog, check back a few times this month as I update this post with little nuggets of gratitude. One thing I'm always thankful for is you, the reader, who actually reads what I write on here.

I am grateful for:
November 1st
- Taylor Swift's album "Speak Now" and my friends Jamey and Mehgan who were born on this day in different years in the 80's.
November 2nd- America, Apple Pie, and the end of election campaigns (for 2010). Vote for Elle!
November 3rd- My modernism professor, who can successfully incorporate a "Jersey Shore" or "The Walking Dead" reference into every lecture, thereby making a completely uninteresting class briefly interesting.
November 4th- Parents who will give the shirt off their back and their very last dollar to someone else who is in greater need than they. And for my niece Molly, who turns 6 today.
November 5th- Being a UTE! No matter the outcome of a season, a game, or a championship, I will always be true to my school and will be forever a Ute.
November 6th- my bed.
November 7th- Daylight Savings Time. I needed that 12 hours of sleep last night.
November 8th- The Utah Food Bank and the opportunity I have to serve my community through them.
November 9th- My very best friends: Mehgan Alva, Lacey Collom, and Stephanie Alva-Rigby. These girls are amazing and I don't know where I'd be in life without them.
November 10th- There only being 7 more times I have to go to my modernism class, 11 more times I have to go to my editing class. and 12 more time I have to go to math. (hopefully, only 12 more times I have to go to math FOREVER!!!!)
November 11th- My insulin pump. We've been together for a year, and my HGA1C has gone from 11-6.5. Even though I tell it once a day that I hate it, I'm glad it's helping keep my diabetes under control. And I'm grateful for all the veterans. Thanks for keeping our country free and safe.
November 12th- Antibiotics and health insurance that makes the co-pay for them only $3.
November 13th- Eclairs and the redeeming power of chocolate. And for the undying optimism of one Daniel Shiflett. Even when I've thrown in the towel, he still believes. But I still love my Utes.
November 14th- My wardrobe. And my exquisite shoe collection. And Boden, for making it possible for me to look good on Sunday's. (Yes, this is all a bit materialistic and absurd, but it's true. I am very grateful for these things.)
November 15th- Amazing Sunday's that lead to excellent Monday's which generally equal phenomenal weeks. (and it did. This was the beginning of the best week ever!)
November 16th- WE GOT THE HOUSE!! I'm moving back to the Avenues after finals are over!
November 17th- Heaters. I spent 3 hours outside this afternoon and man, I was sure cold when I finally got in Mehgan's car. That heater was my new best friend.
November 18th- Thursdays. Ah yes, they are the gateway to the weekend.
November 19th- My family. They're pretty amazing and I sure do love them!
November 20th- The Utes besting SDSU and completing my best week ever.
November 21st- Faith. I'm grateful everyday that I believe in something that I know in my heart, mind, and soul is true. It guides my life and I'd be lost without it.
November 22nd- Volunteer opportunities that allow me to meet State of Utah legendary football coaches, basketball coaches, and business men. It's pretty cool to stand in a stadium and shake the hand of the guy it's named after.
November 23rd- Impending "blizzards" that freak everyone out, get me out of work 5 1/2 hours early, and don't actually amount to anything more than 3 inches of snow.
November 24th- Generous people who will give of their own means to help those in need and for Steph, whom I can always count on to go see silly movies with that I wouldn't see otherwise.
November 25th- Thanksgiving, family, and cranberry salad. I love holidays that are dedicated to good food and togetherness.
November 26th- Great SAB and MUSS Board volunteers, especially Jaime Bowen, TJ McMullin, and Dan Brinton who stood in the freezing temperatures with me for 6 hours to sell t-shirts and collect money for the Utah Food Bank. And for 7-11 hot chocolate with 2 French Vanilla creamers in it.
November 27th- Brandon Burton and his superman moves, for 17 points in the 4th quarter, and for toe warmers. Also for a Utah victory over always arrogant byu and the conviction that I'd rather be an 0-12 UTE than a 12-0 cougar.
November 28th- Sister Cahoon, who in the name of safety made all the soup and brownies for Linger Longer so the committee wouldn't have to travel in the winter weather.
November 29th- The end of the Rivalry Week Food Drive.
November 30th- My life. I have a wonderful family, amazing friends, a fantastic job, the comforts of life, a college education, shoes on my feet, food in my fridge, health insurance, faith, a sense of humor, an iPhone, and people who love me (among other things). I'm very blessed and I have a lot to be thankful for.

This month long blog post- which is probably the longest blog post ever- has really taught me what it's like to be thankful. It did achieve it's goal, as well. I have had a superb month; dwelling on the positive instead of the negative in my life improved everyday life for me and I'm sure my attitude made it easier for people to be around me. I am considering furthering this little project, only not on the blog. Then it would be the longest blog of all time, and I don't want that. Happy Everything!