Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Always A Good Idea

Exactly one year ago today I got an email so devastating to me it inspired me to write one of the most popular and true and wrenching pieces I've written. It took me quite a while to move on from that devastation and utter incomprehension of what to do next. 365 days later I know without a doubt that was exactly what needed to happen to me because it got me to where I am right now, and to where I'm about to go.

I've been thinking about my life and my future. About how in 5 months' time I'll live in a city with more inhabitants than the entire state of Utah; in an apartment the size of my bedroom, closet, and bathroom combined (and that's if I'm real lucky); about how I probably can't take my darling little cat with me. She'd hate New York and me for relocating her there. She likes to play outside and chase leaves and catch critters. She also likes my parents, more than she likes me I'm afraid, and as much as I know I'll need her with me, I also know it's better for her to stay with my parents. They do really love her.