Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baking My Way to Bronxville

I have situational ADD.

In a mere 23 days I'll be boarding a plane and flying to New York City to attend Sarah Lawrence College for the Summer Seminar for Writers. Every day feels like it's three times as long as it really is. I have no focus. I can't wait to go and learn and write and be surrounded by people who are writers too, and people who write creative non-fiction like I do, even if it's only for a week.

My writing inspiration, Jo Ann Beard (everyone should read her memoir The Boys of My Youth) teaches at SLC in the MFA of Writing program. I emailed Jo Ann to see if she'd be on campus during the Summer Seminar for Writers because I'd love to chat with her (and of course, have her sign my copy of The Boys of My Youth). She replied to my email and said she wasn't going to be on campus this summer and she was sorry to miss talking with me. She also said the Seminar is a wonderful experience, and she has students from years she taught it that keep in touch with her and each other. Even though she won't be around, it made me look forward to it even more.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

NYC Photo Gallery

Our building. Pretty sure the elevator was haunted
Hudson River Park, at the end of our street

My Friend Nick

One of my favorite people is my friend Nick. Everyone needs  a Nick in his or her life, and I'm one lucky girl to have the real Nick in mine. Nick and I have been friends for years and years. We don't see much of each other because he lives 3000 miles away, but when we do see each other it's the best ever. Nick is one of the most caring, kind, genuine people I know. And he's the most handsome. He's got that ability to draw you in and make you feel like you are the only one, like you own the universe, like you are the most important person in the room. Nick took really good care of me in New York. Sometimes I feel like I'm just getting by, that all I'm really good at is being awful, and occasionally writing. But Nick has the ability to know me innately and believe in my ability. Time has no bearing with Nick; he understands through to the core and comes up with a life plan so I can get everything I ever wanted from life. Then he orders for the both of us, pays for drinks and dinner and the cab home, and makes sure everything I drink is virgin. He looks out, looks deep, looks left and offers his arm. He's hard working, successful in every way, and a gentleman. He'll even give an unconditional offer of his kidney. I couldn't ask for anyone better than my friend Nick.


In New York

I sit on the hardwood floor in front of the French doors that lead to the patio. The sun is shining in. Rosie is licking the remnants of my lemon greek yogurt out of the container. I am alone, just a girl and her cat. All that remains are the memories living inside my head and the FDNY shirt on back.

The last two nights have comprised of a combined ten hours of sleep. It is 9:30 but my body thinks it's 11:30. So I sit in the morning sun with my cat and my thoughts and my words, and remember what was only yesterday.