Friday, July 20, 2012

Sleep Through The Static

I try my best to keep this blog free of things I don't know about: politics, soccer, Pintrest, shows about teen moms. I like to write about things I know in life, because I don't want to false report or hearsay anything. But today is different. Five years ago, a friend of mine was shot at Trolley Square by an 18 year-old who illegally bought illegal guns. This kid shot my friend four times at pointblank range. Miraculously, my friend survived, albeit the life lived before February 12th, 2007 is now all but a memory.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Transplant Update: 4 Months Later

Thanks for my friends Heather and Jo, I finally have a pair of kidneys again
July 15th, 2012. Four months since the day I received my new kidney. It almost seems like years, not months, since it happened. Which is funny, because when it had been one year since i'd been on dialysis, it seemed unbelievable, like it had only barely started, though each individual dialysis treatment seemed like it took a lifetime to finish. I don't think I have anything new or profound or great to say here. But each month that slips by with health and happiness and hope is one to celebrate for me because for such a long time it didn't seem to have any of those things beholding my life.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Transplant Update: Dash for Donation 2012

Alright gang. Here's the deal. In a mere 36 days, on August 11th, the Dash for D onation 5k takes place. I, alongside my sister, who donated her kidney so I could get one, and brother-in-law will be participating in this 5k to raise money for organ donation. Yes, I'll be participating as a runner, not a spectator. I know. I'm kind of freaking out too.