Friday, July 6, 2012

Transplant Update: Dash for Donation 2012

Alright gang. Here's the deal. In a mere 36 days, on August 11th, the Dash for D onation 5k takes place. I, alongside my sister, who donated her kidney so I could get one, and brother-in-law will be participating in this 5k to raise money for organ donation. Yes, I'll be participating as a runner, not a spectator. I know. I'm kind of freaking out too.

I've done this 5k once before, and trained for it for literally only a week before. It's not hard. 5 kilometers is  3.1 miles. The race takes place at Sugarhouse Park, and new this year, also at Weber State University, There is one really big hill at Sugarhouse Park which you will be required to go up twice. For some, this is no big deal. For me, it's the most worrisome part, since, ya know, I was on dialysis for 2+ years and had a transplant in March. I am working to build up my stamina and muscle mass. Trying to walk at least a mile every day and with each day increase my distance a little bit, hopefully to reach 3.1 miles by August 11th.

Anyway, here's what I think. I think you, yes you, should join me, Liz, and Andrew at the Dash for Donation. Of course, participate if you're physically able and willing. Please come and spectate if you'd like to. Organ donation has saved my life twice in the 29 years I've been on Earth. To say it means a lot to me is quite the understatement. Did you know there are currently, as of this morning July 6, 2012, 114,847 people on the UNOS transplant waiting list? 73,132 of those people are listed as active, meaning eligible for transplant now. In the first quarter of 2012 there were 6,838 transplant from 3,375 donors. Those numbers are pretty staggering, aren't they. One of those transplants was mine. One of those donors was my sister.

So that's it. Help the 114,847 people waiting for an organ. Honor the people like my sister who have given the gift of life to someone. Celebrate people like me who have been given a second chance at life. If you'd like to register or donate click here. And, you get some free stuff if you register and show up (you don't even have to run/walk to get the free stuff!): colored wristbands (think "Live Strong" style), a tee shirt, plus the satisfaction of knowing you're helping something great that helps hundreds of thousands of people.

If you'd like to register with the University of Utah Transplant Team, enter "Transplant Team" under Team Name and make sure to select the "Team- Single Runner $20" option.

Go. Run. Help.


  1. That is awesome! I'm going to talk to Danny and see if he wants to do this too :)

    Love you cuz!

    1. I would LOVE it if you guys could come run! Or, walk the 2k walk with me. I did not know they had that option, but they do. Probably for the recent recipients' sake. If you do decide to participate, select "Team-single runner $20" at the top and enter "Transplant Team" in the Team Name line, that way you'll be registered with the University's Transplant Team. I added that info to the blog after you commented. :)


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