Monday, March 12, 2012

Transplant Update: Um... I'm Having a Kidney Transplant on Thursday


... So it's Monday. I'm having a kidney transplant on Thursday. [!!!] Holy cow.

This has been a long time coming, obviously, and now that it's almost here... golly, I don't really know what to think or feel but excitement. For a long time, for a really long time, I didn't think this would happen. I was such a hard match, I had a too-high PRA and rare antigens and those were all keeping me from being about to get a transplant so I thought it wasn't going to happen.

There was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Now the light is so bright that I'm about to emerge from the tunnel and breathe the air of freedom... holy cow.

My mom asked me a few weeks ago what I was looking forward to doing most after the transplant. I told her I want to go to the beach and swim in the ocean. It's not anything grand or duplicitous, it's a simple act really, but it's something I haven't been able to do for two years and it's what I've missed the most. More than drinking orange juice or eating avacados, more than sleeping past 5:00 am on Saturdays or running on a treadmill.

I've met with all the doctors, surgeon (who told me  I was going to drive him to retirement; I told him "I'm sorry or you're welcome"), and transplant-related people. I've done the EKG, stress test, chest x-ray, and blood tests. I've been to the dentist and pre-registered at the hospital. The only thing left to do is call on Wednesday after 2 pm to get my surgery time and find out the hour I need to check-in at the hospital. Holy cow.


  1. I am beyond excited for you Sarah =) Thoughts and prayers are with you leading up to, during, and after surgery!

  2. Very exciting. My roommate will put your name on the prayer roll this week. Good luck & keep us posted. Congrats :)

  3. GAH! So awesome! As is that picture, by the way :) You can't drink orange juice or eat avocados while on dialysis? That's insane!! And I love what you said to the surgeon.

    I'm coming down Saturday and I will see you then! I am so excited for you!!

  4. I hope your kidney really looks like this. A cute red bow and all.