Monday, August 30, 2010

UTAH Football, Re-starting Senior Year, and Hip Hop

Well here it is. September is upon us... thankfully. I'm pretty sick of summer. I need fall to fill my lungs and breathe new life into my soul. I thrive in the fall; I don't know if it's the change of the season and the fashion- fall fashion happens to be my favorite, all the jeans and sweaters and boots- or the gorgeous colors, or the food, or the football... it's most likely the football. Let's just be honest. I live for college football. On any given fall Saturday, you'll find me in a football stadium, screaming until I have no voice, or in front of the TV, pacing and yelling at the inanimate object in front of me that's just trying to project a picture. My family has never been huge football fans. My parents always held season tickets to that school down south, but we never made a big production out of football. My brothers like football well enough, but I LIVE and DIE by it. I shouldn't be surprised that I'm really the only one in my family who does; I'm also the only one below 5'7, and the only one with blonde hair and blue eyes, among other things. I guess I was always born to stand out from the rest of my family, be it in the smallest capacities.

Back to football. UTAH football kicks off this Thursday night against a 15th ranked Pittsburgh team. This is a 2005 Fiesta Bowl rematch of sorts. I wonder if Pitt is going to be out for revenge because of the embarrassment suffered at the hands of a "lesser" Utah team in a BCS bowl on a national stage. Whatever Pitt brings to the table, UTAH can handle it. The Utes have a talented team this year, and after a 10-3 "rebuilding" year last year and a PAC-10 invite, they're ready to show what this program is capable of. So I'm prepared. I've got my 2010 MUSS shirt and tickets, my UTAH face tattoos, my drum and feather decals on my nails. All I need is a tailgate and Thursday to be here so I can willing lose my voice and feel my most at home in Rice-Eccles Stadium.

School also recently started, as can probably be garnered by the aforementioned fact that college football is about to kick off. I restarted my senior year last week with three classes and a Student Alumni Board meeting. It was fantastic to be back in class and back at the Alumni House doing what I do best: being a student. Oh sure, I'll struggle through math and continue to give my English discussions the silent treatment, but I love being back in class. With only 9 credits this semester I'm trying to hold myself to a higher standard. I figure I should be able to devote the needed time to each class and the assigned schoolwork. Even math, the class where my brain automatically deviates to anything OTHER than the subject matter. Though I'll be on dialysis this semester, I'm not feeling too worried about it. I'm not going to lie, I was unsure after the first day if I'd be able to handle all this, but after the first week, and a morale boosting SAB meeting, I'm pretty sure I can. I would, after all, like this to be my FINAL senior year. This whole "8th year senior" thing is getting a litttttttle old.

And as a final thought, I would just like to say I love Lupe Fiasco. Can't get enough of him and hip hop lately. I'm so gangster it should be illegal. :) "I feel like murder but hip hop just saved my life."

Oh, and no kidney news yet. Just that I'm actually healthy enough to go to school and, more importantly, football games.

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