Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cookies for Dinner

I'm sure the 10 of you who read my silly blog are expecting me to write a long post about moving to New York City. I might do that eventually, but I'm not going to now. I will say this: it was hard. It took a lot longer for my apartment to come together than my parents or I expected. I cannot put together IKEA furniture, but my dad is super impressed by the engineering of it. And that Valentine's Day episode in the final season of 30 Rock when Liz and Kriss go to IKEA Brooklyn and she says IKEA's sole purpose is to ruin relationships is true; I'm surprised my parents didn't disown me and/or I didn't murder anyone in the 4 HOURS we were there (not including travel time).

My apartment did come together before my parents went back to Utah though, and I did mostly build the little teal cabinet from Target by myself. More importantly, my little apartment does feel like home. When I come in the door after being on campus, or having dinner with Nick, or waiting in line for an inordinate amount of time at Staple just to buy a notebook, it feels like I'm home rather than 'I guess this is where I live now'.

I was going to wait until I felt like I had a good grasp on life here to write about living in New York. I've been here for practically 2 weeks but a full week of that was spent in transition, and the past week has been weird because I haven't had a schedule. But it's thunderstorming here today, and it's been a rougher-than-expected day, which always make me feel like writing something.

I thought Sunday would be the easiest because it's the day I go to church. But it's been the most difficult so far. And the most lonely I've felt here was actually when I was sitting in church. Actually, it's the only time I've felt lonely. My congregation at home all knew me, and I knew them. They've supported me through all the major events and hurdles in my life, even when I wasn't attending there. Sitting in a chapel with not a single soul who's name I know was shocking, because I think that is the first time in my life that's ever happened. And I wanted to leave so badly, but I made myself stay, and I met some nice people.

I made chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. I mixed them by hand because I don't yet have a KitchenAid, though I'm happy to report there is room on my kitchen counter for one. I baked off 3 cookies and scooped the rest to freeze. Baking always makes me feel at home, and softens the rough part of the day. I ate all three of those cookies for dinner. But now I need to make some fish because nutritionally, that's unacceptable.

Love, Sarah

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  1. Yes I have been waiting anxiously for a post! I want to see pictures of your place ASAP!! And IKEA-- last time I went there Mirabel had an epic meltdown after we didn't buy her a stuffed cat (I forgot it was in the cart after we had already paid and the lines were crazy long), she got ice cream instead but wouldn't stop crying so in a rage I threw her ice cream in the garbage. Her meltdown became uncontrollable screaming and sobbing, she tried to hurl herself out of the cart, and screamed at me that she hated me and wanted me to die. I ended up sobbing next to the car while Danny took her off to calm her down. Oh and I was 7 months pregnant so probably a little too emotional (which I feel helps explain throwing away the ice cream & the sobbing). Fun times! Anyway, I miss your face. Post some selfies or something :)