Thursday, September 13, 2012

Touche, Thursday

Here's a real short post because I need to complain, but I'm morally opposed to and vehemently against complaining about life on the face-books, and since this is my blog I'm imposing my power of free speech and ownership of space to do so. That was quite the spectacular sentence, and a little run-onish. Whatever.

In the epitome of non-elloquence, logical reasoning on the LSAT is making me its bitch. It's like the fax machine beatdown in Office Space except in this scenario I'm the fax machine and logical reasoning is Ron Livingston, Ajay Naidu, & David Herman. I'm burnt out. It's Rivalry & Homecoming weekend and our six month kidney-versary Saturday so I'm on a study sabbatical at least until Sunday.

I'm really tired.

Downton Abbey Season 3 premieres in the UK this weekend. It does not air in the US till January. I wish I had ITV3. I hate to wait. Yet another compelling reason to live in England. 

All of the things I was expecting to happen today, didn't. All the things I needed to happen today, didn't. And Starbucks closes at 9 pm. A salted caramel hot chocolate after LSAT prep would've quelled my complaining. Seriously - all would've been right with the world if I had that in my hand right now.


It's been cool enough outside the last 2 days that I can wear my new leather moto jacket, and both days someone has told me I look like I stepped out of a fashion magazine. 

So that was prettycool.

One last thought:

GO UTES!!!!!!

Oh wait! And a joke! (Thanks John Fackler)

Q: What is the difference between a litter of puppies and BYU fans?

A: The puppies eventually grow up and quit whining


**The irony of including this joke at the end of a post where I've basically whined the entire time is not lost on me. Oh no, not lost on me. It also does not mean I'm a BYU fan. I'd rather die. Just so we're clear.

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  1. Leather moto jacket, you say? I've been eyeing them for YEARS! I want one so bad and I bet you look spectacular!!

    Also, love the BYU joke :) haha