Tuesday, August 14, 2012

11:59 on New Years Eve

 It's like:

The anticipation of wearing your new shoes on the first day of school. The night before summer vacation. The exhiliration of booking a plane ticket home after you've been gone too long. Walking to the door after the best date. The morning of the first gameday of the season.  The morning of any gameday. Christmas Eve as a kid who still believes in Santa Claus.

 It's the feeling that something good is coming even when you don't know what. Lately it's been inhabiting my little world, though nothing's changed in any significant way, this feeling makes me believe it might. Lurking around a corner, waiting to pop up and take me by surprise, even when I expect it's coming. Like watching a horro movie and knowing there's something in the basement but still jumping a foot out of your seat when it happens. It's the way I felt that weekend in February when I got Rosie and the call about the kidney transplant. The week before - the whole week - was like standing behind the chapel doors in your weddiing dress.

Life can often make us feel unimportant to everyone but our pets or like everyone we know is progressing positively and we're s t u c k. But feeling like something good is going to happen, even if it never does, is like putting on shiny red shoes that will make you run fast and jump high. It's a stress-release run to the best of Bad Boy and Death Row Records. It's a smile from that tall, dark, and handsome law student on the bus in the mornings.

It's like... 

Waiting for your grades when you know you've nailed it in class. Putting together the crib for your nursery. The 8 minutes before your cookies come out of the oven. The morning before the midnight release of Sherlock Holmes/The Hunger Games/The Avengers/Sky Fall/The Hobbit. The day before your birthday.

It's 11:50 on New Years Eve.


  1. Definitely hope it materializes for you. My new anticipation is moving back to PA the first part of next year. It's time.

  2. haha, Bad Boy and Death Row Records. Love it.