Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Last 4 Days (Always a Bridesmaid)

The stunning bride Mehgan & her beautiful bouquet

It was another wedding weekend for this perennial bridesmaid.  (<-- I supposed that means I'm a good friend to a lot of people. :] )
The last four days were wonderful and irreplaceable and tiring and perfect. It was the wedding of my long time friend Mehgan and her now-husband Taylor. Mehgan and I have been friends since she started dating my brother in 2007. Their relationship did not last, but ours did. Mehgan is one of the kindest, most genuine, gorgeous on the inside and out people I know. She's always been really good to me and I can only hope to one day repay the favor.


The weekend started at 8 am on Saturday with a trip to the floral wholesaler to pick up Mehgan's flower order. That's one of the reasons I'm exhausted, I was also the florist for the wedding. We then had to track down some floral wire because mine disappeared after I did Steph's flowers. At the same place we found the wire we also found the mini floating candles we needed for the centerpieces. Who knew Joann's could be so useful. 

An hour after that adventure ended, I went to see "Rock of Ages" with Jamey. Tom Cruise's singing was not as horrible as I had expected. I actually liked his rendition of "Pour Some Sugar on Me". Julianne Hough was nasally, but performed well as Sherri. And a giant Diet Coke and a box of Reese's Pieces can help any movie. Except "Snow White and the Huntsman".

After the movie it was time to rest before the Bachelorette Party. Psych! It was time to make molten chocolate cakes and homemade caramel sauce for dessert for the Bachelorette Party. I had just enough time to clean up, set the patio, primp, and lay down for 10 minutes before Mehgan arrived to pick me up. Then we went for pedicures- all 8 of us!- and as Mehgan had requested, to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner, then back to my patio for dessert. I wish I had taken a picture of the molten cakes, but I didn't so just picture this: A beautiful little chocolate cake (because none of them broke during plating) surrounded by a ring of homemade caramel sauce and topped with a perfectly shaped scoop of french vanilla ice cream. Yep, that happened. And I did it. (fist pump!) We sat around for a while talking, trying to give Mehgan our best advice, which was hard for some of us who haven't yet been a bride ourselves. I like t think we were all helpful.

Sunday consisted of making flowers. All day. From like 8 am to 7 pm. 9 bouquets, 12 boutonnieres, 4 corsages, and 6 centerpieces. I'm pretty sure Mehgan's bridal bouquet is the best I've ever made. I got rave reviews at the reception. People kept asking me who did the flowers. They seemed surprised when I said it was me. 

Avalanche and Panama roses, white tulips and freesia, Bells of Ireland, and green cymbidium orchids with variegated lily grass loops and salal leaves. White satin wrap with pink ballet tie and pearl pins at each cross
Bridesmaids bouquet of panama roses, lily grass loops and salal

Wedding Party boutonniere of panama rose, white freesia, and variegated ivy.
After I finished the flowers on Sunday, thoroughly satisfied with the outcome, I laid in bed, also thoroughly worn out, and watched "Charlie Bartlett" with Anton Yelchin and RDJ. It was good, funny and helped me relax my "what if Mehgan and Susan (her mom) don't like the flowers?!?!?!?!" anxiety I get even when I know they're pretty much heaven to look at.

Monday was a 7 am wake up call for labs and swimming lessons (not for me, for the kids) at the Sports Mall. We stayed for open plunge. It was my first time swimming in 3 summers and it was wonderful. This also gave me ample opportunity to get some color before the wedding (SPF 15 anyone?). I realized later this may not have been the best idea mere hours before I was supposed to be in wedding pictures, wearing a hot pink skirt, but it worked out. I didn't end up the same color as my skirt. I soent 45 minutes curing my stupid hair and in the 15 minutes it took me to pack up the flowers, it looked awful. Plan B involved 4 bobby pins. I can do a lot with my hair with a simple bobby pin. 

The reception center was lovely. I set up the flowers in 15 minutes flat and then waited around. Taylor came in with his best man/friend Dave. There was no sign of the bride. Lacey came in, also in her hot pink and white polka dot skirt. Then Amy and Elizabeth, and Susan and Jorge and Stephen. Mehgan arrived with Steph and Janson. Steph had tied Mehgan's hair in a low side bow. It looked fantastic and gorgeous. Then the bout pinning extravaganza started. 8 of 11 bouts I pinned on the men. 3 of 4 corsages I pinned on the ladies. I am an excellent bout pinner. Corsages, eh, not so much. Everyone loved the flowers. The photographer kept taking pictures of them. The Panama roses were to die for, with color so rich you could lick it. Then it was pictures outside. It was hot. I was in my sparkly heels and currently do not possess the muscle mass in my calves to support a 3 1/2 inch heel.

I started talking to best man Dave while we were outside. We conversed for much of the reception while I wore no shoes and he ate ice cream from the ice cream bar. I learned the apple is the ovary of the plant, and consequently found myself unable to eat the caramel apples served later, Dave asked me why the English language is so complicated, a question to which I had no answer, only to say that at least we don't have to learn about what's masculine and feminine. Then we discussed how one can be both a creationist and an evolutionist. It was very educational. Thanks for the company, Dave.

I was tired when I got home on Monday after the reception. My wake up call was at 6 but I couldn't fall asleep. I had a lot on my mind. I've always thought of Mehgan as the little sister I never had. I am so proud of her for the woman she is, for always doing her best to believe that people are genuinely good, being honest and hard working and kind. She tried her hardest to take care of me when I had staph and the flu at the same time in February of 2011, and again during my summer of surgeries that same year. I was heartbroken to leave her and our Avenues house when I realized my medical trials were too much and I couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't rely on my roommates to help take care of me. 

I knew she'd marry Taylor. In those early months I could tell when she was texting him because she couldn't help or hide the smile that would spread across her face when his name would flash up on her phone. It was confirmed when he told me she met all his criteria, and it was an extensive list. I haven't been around Taylor as much as I would've liked, but when he offered to give me a blessing after my graft placement, and after he did the pain and swelling finally started to subside, I was sold. I knew he was as genuine and kind as Mehgan and they were a perfect fit. I wasn't surprised when she told me they were getting married. I was only surprised it had taken so long.

Tuesday morning rolled around 5 hours of sleep later. This time I curled my hair less extensively and it looked good. Lots of hairspray and it was time to go. By the way, thank you Shabby Apple for my skirt. It was a hit. I dropped off the flowers at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and got to the Salt Lake Temple early, where I had time t sit and contemplate, mostly about how tired I was and wishing I had spent less time on my already straightening hair and more time, any time, eating breakfast. 

The sealing was beautiful. I managed not to cry or get reary until I went to hug Mehgan after the ceremony. But I pulled myself together and managed not to Alice Copper my face. Then pictures on the Temple steps, and setting up the luncheon room at the JSMB, visiting my old cronies in Flowers Squared and working off all the calories I hadn't consumed that day making sure the flowers looked lovely. I ate lunch way too fast and really should've refused that second half of a roll and half of Lacey's brownie. It was all so delicious and I was all so hungry. 

After the luncheon was over, after the parents of Mehgan and Taylor gave little speeches, after the happy couple kissed a million time because of the delinquent table behind us clinking their glasses, after introductions and advice were given, we packed up and headed out, and the newlyweds drove off in a decorated car and into their life together. 

It was a good four days. Exhausting but good. Mehgan looked gorgeous. Taylor looked handsome. The bridal party was pretty good looking. Another chapter in my bridesmaid epic closed. Another successful flower venture. Another best friend married to a really fantastic guy, one who's perfect for just her. And me? I'm still here, as I've always been, as I'll always be, still looking, still hoping to find the guy who's perfect for just me. Always a bridesmaid.


  1. If I ever get married (fat chance, but still), could I hire you as my flower person? You.are.freaking.amazing.at.that.stuff. (!!)

    *hugs* about always being a bridesmaid. I've never been asked, actually, and so have never had to face up to that experience. I think there is mercy in that fact, because if I ever had to do it, I'm afraid it would be the most miserable experience for me and for everyone else involved with the wedding. I admire you for your unbelievable loyalty to your friends in such situations.

  2. Your flowers are AMAZING. Seeing them makes me regret not having any flowers at my reception!! I love you cuz, I'll see you soon!