Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Runnning Down Street, Knife in Hand

The title of this post equates to a metaphor. I am not literally running down the street with my Henckel-Santoku in hand. What I am doing is living dangerously, counting my chickens before they hatch, disregarding the present and thinking only of the future. I am, of course, talking about the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. Gasp! Twist! I am also, of course, just kidding. I'm talking about GRADUATION. It is the only thing on my mind, all the time.If I could will May 6th to be here any faster, it would be here in an hour.

For a really long time, I dreaded graduation. So much so that I was going to apply to graduate school just so I could continue to be a student. I was even considering applying to three different program types. That's how freaked out I was about graduating from college. But can you blame me? I mean, I have been in college for nearly 10 years. Not 10 years straight, but on and off for a decade, it's been my scene. (no, I don't consider hospitals my scene) I was scared because I had no idea what to do once I wasn't a student anymore. I'd decided that being a student was what I was good at. The real world, well, it's not exactly what they make it out to be on MTV. It's harsh and real and it kind of sucks.

But then I started school again after I should have already graduated. (Thanks for that, kidney!) And all I wanted to do was be done already. I thought about all my friends at commencement last year, and how I almost have no friends graduating this year because they all did last year, and it was sad. And that's when I knew, I was done. I was over college. There has been very little that I haven't done in my college experience, so I can't even be sad about graduating without having done X, because X doesn't exist in my world. (take that math nerds! X does not exist!)

I was 4th in command of the student body at Utah, I lived on campus, I was front and center for the greatest college football season Utah has ever had, I've been to games in 4 away stadiums, I've been a student leader, a volunteer, sat on University committees, made friends, made enemies, worked on campus, failed math, passed math, had my paper given to a class of English majors so they'd know what to do if writing an autobiographical essay. I've been presented on the field at a football game, planned Homecoming, received scholarships, got freaked at Black Pumpkin Affair, planned University wide parties, sat in Coach Whittingham's office, had Boylen call me by name and exchange pleasantries in a crowded concourse at Rice-Eccles. I've had classes in at least 10 different buildings on campus, accidentally ridden the green shuttle, helped raise a record breaking amount of food and money for the Utah Food Bank, participated in Project Youth and Officer's Hollow, shook hands with Spence Eccles, Ron McBride, Frank Ladyen, and LaVell Edwards on the same night, and shook hands with President Michael Young on two separate occasions. I've been in ASUU, SAB, and LDSSA, a University Staffer and Student at the same time, driven to Vegas for the Mountain West Conference Tournament, gone to the Rose Bowl, rushed the field, joined a sorority for 5 whole minutes, and had my picture on as a "College Football Super Fan".

I think I've had a pretty full college experience. All intermingled with real world life, because life as a transplant/dialysis patient never goes away. Now I'm ready to just be a person. Not a college student, not the future of tomorrow, just a person who graduated from college and is now working to make the world a better place. Okay, maybe I won't be working to make the world a better place, but I'll be working to make the books the world reads better edited, and I'll be writing so the world doesn't have to read rubbish like "Twilight".

May 6th is only 93 short, or long, days away. And Mitch Albom is speaking at commencement.

* * *
Today, I went to the University Staff Council meeting to be "recognized" for being awarded the first ever Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Staff Council Scholarship. They gave me a Publishers Clearing House style check and I had my picture taken with Jason from Regence. It was sort of embarrassing. but I got a big check out of it, and a scholarship which helped pay for my tuition/books. The big check is definitely going on the mantle piece when I get home.

* * *
"February continues to make its case for "least useful month."- Damian Dayton. Thanks for that Damian, I completely and utterly agree. February is the worst. Happy pre-March everybody!


  1. And March is great because it's my birthday month. :)

  2. My birthday is in March so I heartily agree that it can't come soon enough. And what ever happened to having a house warming party? I want to see you soon. What are you doing next week? Call me!